Valentine Heart Pillow

©2001, Cindy L. Murray

All rights reserved.

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Red Heart Super Saver Worsted Weight yarns in the following colors: Soft White (MC), small amounts of Rose Pink, Cornmeal, Country Blue, and Spruce.
Afghan crochet hook, size J
Crochet hook, size J
16" pillow form

Finished item will fit a standard 16" pillow form.

4 stitches = 1"

Bobble Stitch:
(YO, insert hook in stitch, YO and draw up a loop) three times, YO and draw through all 7 loops.

This stitch is worked on the first half of an afghan stitch row. Work off loops as normal on the second half of the row.

The first loop on the hook at the start of a row counts as the first stitch throughout.

Pattern (Make 2):
Chain 55.
Row 1: Afghan stitch in each chain across per chart.
Rows 2-51: Work according to chart.
Ending: Slip stitch in each verticle bar across. Finish off and weave in all ends.

Assembly and Border:
Row 1: Join yarn in any corner. Working through both pieces, single crochet evenly around. Insert 16" pillow form before working the last side. Join to first sc.
Row 2: Ch 1, (Bobble st, ch 1, sk 1) around, with (Bobble st, ch 1, Bobble st, ch1, sk 1) in each corner. Finish off, weave in all ends. .

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