Oh So Simple Scarf

©2001, Cindy L. Murray

All rights reserved.


Red Heart Super Saver, 8 ounces, any color
Crochet hook, size H (or size needed for gauge)
Latch hook tool (optional)

8 rows = 3"
4 st = 1"

For Blanket Stitch (blst), YO, insert hook in next st, YO and draw up through the stitch AND
through the first loop on hook, YO and draw through 2 remaining loops.

Chain 3 before turning. Turn work toward you (clockwise around hook). This will cause the turning chain to bow out, which creates a scalloped edge along the side of the scarf. Turning chain counts as first stitch throughout.

When crocheting into last stitch of row (top of turning chain), insert hook into front loop of chain only. Do not insert hook into both loops of chain.

Chain 34.
Rnd 1: blst in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across; 31 st; ch 3, turn.
Rnd 2: blst in each st across; 31 st; ch 3, turn.

Repeat Round 2 until piece measures approximately 52". Finish off.

For fringe, cut 62 strands of yarn 12" long each. Using latch hook tool, attach one piece of yarn to each stitch of last row and to the back of each chain stitch on starting chain. While holding the knot tight, gently tug on loose ends to tighten. Trim ends evenly.

To add fringe with a crochet hook, wrap one strand of yarn around hook. Insert hook into stitch and pull both ends of strand through the stitch and the loop on the hook. Tighten knot by holding it tight while gently tugging on loose ends. Trim ends evenly.

Care instructions:
Finished scarf may be machine washed, gentle cycle, with standard laundry detergent. Machine dry low. Fringe may tangle slightly, but can be detangled easily by combing through with fingers.


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