Magazine Holders

Jennie Gaskin of Country Yarns designed the original pattern for these simple to make magazine holders.  You can make these holders as plain or as fancy as you like.  I left mine plain, but someone who enjoys plastic canvas crafts might enjoy decorating theirs.  You can even make a label holder to sew on the end.  I use my holders for everything, having made them for my crochet magazines, sewing patterns, and even cookbooks!



7-mesh plastic canvas (the stiffer varieties work better)
worsted weight yarn
blunt needle


The small holder and the large holder are worked the same way.  Mark the canvas according to the appropriate diagram, allowing for a row of holes between each piece.  Cut through the rows of holes, trimming excess plastic off each piece.  This leaves a nice finished edge on each piece.

Stitch pieces together using yarn and a blunt needle, working over loose ends.  Try to attach as many pieces as possible without cutting the yarn, and remember that you can always "tunnel" back under areas you've already worked.  Jennie suggests you start at the top, joining the spine to one side, working down the back, and then attaching the bottom piece to the side.  Continue by adding the front piece, attaching it to the bottom.  At this point she "tunneled" back under the stitches she just worked and up the front of the holder, attaching the side to the short front piece.  Jennie cut her yarn here (weave it into the stitches you've just worked to hide the ends), but I continued up the front and over the top of the holder for a decorative effect.

Small Holder



Large Holder

(requires 2 sheets)


© 1999 Jennie Gaskin and Cindy Murray
All rights reserved.

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