Cindy's Pattern Database

I set my pattern database up so that I could enter each pattern in a simple form which looks like this:


The Category field is a pull down menu with a list of possible categories.  This list is totally editable.
For a look at my category list,
Click Here

The Level of Difficutly and Rating fields are also pull down menus.  Level of difficutly includes the options:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert.  I used 0,00,000,0000, and a zero with a strike-through as a rating system -- the more zeros, the better I liked it, a zero with a strike-through means I will never do that project (or never do it again, as the case may be).

This database was very easy to set up using FileMaker Pro.  If you would like a to set up a FileMaker database using a template of my database, click on the link below.

Download Cindy's Mac Template

Download Cindy's Windows Template


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